Amazon Kindle Lite App for slow internet connection

According to India Today, Amazon Kindle gets a lighter version with the coming of the new Kindle Lite app. Amazon on Wednesday launched a new Kindle Lite app for Indian Android users, which is already available for download from Google Play store. The Kindle Lite app for Android is basically designed for readers with low storage smartphones and also for readers with devices running on the 2G or 3G network. The new Kindle Lite app has a lot in common with the original Kindle. The key aim of introducing the app is to basically improve the “customer experience with faster downloads, instant reading, and a lighter app,” explains Amazon.

To recollect, Amazon had launched the Kindle Lite app as an open beta on Google Play Store last year. The lightweight Kindle app or the new Kindle Lite is now available for all Android users. Kindle Lite app is as light as 2MB. This makes it easy for readers with low of data or poor internet connectivity or event readers with low storage space on their device to download the app and enjoy a seamless reading experience.

Kindle Lite app has taken away a range of key features from the original Kindle app like — personalized recommendations, free eBook samples and titles across languages including — English, Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Gujarati, and Malayalam. The reading application also comes with a feature called Whispersync – which helps readers sync the ebook that they read across devices. This will deliver a seamless reading experience to the readers.

Amazon has launched the Kindle Lite app as an India-first product. Interestingly, Amazon is offering up to 80 per cent cashback on first ebook purchase on the application. The customer will be eligible for the cashback offer only if he/she makes the payment for the ebook via Amazon Pay wallet, find the liquor store.