Woodville residents frustrated by internet issues

According to Stuff, people in the Tararua town of Woodville are tired of their internet connections dropping out. For months, Woodville residents have been plagued by unexplained, seemingly random disconnections when they try to use the internet.

Rowena Fry says she has lost her connection multiple times a day on both her home and work internet, which are on separate providers – Vodafone for her home network and CallPlus at Agnes Auto Services garage, which she runs with her husband.

Neither internet service provider could find a reason for the problem, so she took to a Woodville community Facebook page in frustration.

She quickly discovered she wasn’t the only one in the small Tararua town having problems. Twenty-three people replied to her post, reporting the same problem all over Woodville with nearly every internet service provider in the town.

Some reported having occasional disconnections for more than a year, but the frequent drop-outs had started within the past six months. Fry said it happened so often her internet connections were practically unusable. “I’ve never experienced outages like this … It’s happening all throughout the day, making it completely unreliable.”

Since both her ISPs had referred her to Chorus, and with so many people affected, Fry thought maybe there was a problem with the local internet infrastructure – so she checked in with Chorus.

Spokesman Nathan Beaumont said Chorus tested the Woodville network but hadn’t found anything wrong. “The best thing for people to do is talk to their internet service providers. If there are any issues, a fault can be lodged with us to investigate.”

Bronwyn Bauer said she was tired of bouncing back and forth between Chorus and Vodafone. The company should be investigating on behalf of its customers, she said. “I’ve given up phoning them about it – you just get the same response every time.

Internet Connection in Three Districts of Tamil Nadu, suspended

According to Deccan Chronicle, there were reports of cable TVs being disconnected & news items related to the Sterlite stir blacked out in several parts in south TN.

Chennai: As a precautionary measure and to prevent the spread of Thoothukudi violence to adjacent districts of Tirunelveli and Kanyakumari, the state home secretary Niranjan Mardi on Wednesday passed government orders to the all nodal officers of Internet service providers directing them to suspend the internet connections in the three districts, McDonald’s customers’ feedback.

The order said the state received information that about 20,000 people had convened due to the spread of messages in social media and there was information that videos instigating people with half-truths were being spread via social media aimed to disturb the public peace. Invoking the public safety and emergency rules 2017, the government now directed the private telecom sectors to suspend Internet connection from May 23 to 27.

Needless to say, the suspension of Internet has caused concern among the people in the three southern districts, already distressed over the happenings over the last few days in the police action on anti-Sterlite protesters.

“This is reminding us of the Emergency period. How will the people there access their bank accounts and book railway tickets?” asked T Sadagoppan, president, Tamil Nadu Progressive Consumer Forum.

In the government side, it could be argued that the order to suspend the Net during this incendiary period is justified. Consider this: a video of a woman TV actor called Nilani abusing the police for firing on ‘peaceful’ protesters in Thoothukudi and calling for a statewide ‘revolt’ to bring down ‘this spineless government’, has gone viral. The actor was in a police uniform for her role in a serial (Tamarai) in a Tamil channel and pointing to the dress, Nilani tells the viewer she is “ashamed of being seen in the police dress”.