Artificial Intelligence used as recruitment tool

AI will change the way job seekers apply for the world. Read on to know how AI innovates the way one person applies for the job. “It felt weird. I was kind of talking into the void,” said Sarah, a 27-year-old marketing manager in Ohio of her first time using HireVue, an on-demand video interview platform for job seekers.

According to CNBC, the recruiter told her that it was like an interview on Skype. Sarah followed the interview tips on the official website of the company. She made sure that her dress was appropriate for the interview, as well as the background. However, she was surprised to find out that there was no human involved in the interview. The employer did not mention that the interview would be conducted by an advanced machine learning – facial expressions and word choice were evaluated by the series of algorithms, where to buy liquor.

“You usually have a little time to do some small talk, but in the HireVue interview, I only had a practice question and then just went into it. There is not a lot of time to feel ready. For my first impressions are everything, and it was hard to set that tone,” Sarah shared. The process seemed to work because she was hired.

Meanwhile, over 38 percent of the working Americans currently hunt for a new stint and others are planning to do so sometime this year. However, like Sarah, they might be surprised to know that first impressions will now be outsourced from career coaches to artificial intelligence.

Moreover, a Deloitte report last year spots 33 percent of survey respondents using some form of AI during their hiring process. Employers are persistently looking for ways to recruit faster and more efficiently than in the past.